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MA Jeep
MA Jeep
4 Months Old
Isauro, my right hand man
Isauro, My Right Hand Man
These boys made choice on grass alone - Yummm!
Grass Fed Steers
LB Dusty
Lonestar X Limousin Heifer
Lowline Uniformity.
Pasture Grazing
Isauro & MA Bravo
4 mos Bull
Beaumont Matilda S006 & Admiral J222 Calf
The Ladies Grazing
Our NEW Truck!
Our NEW Truck!
Ms Adorable
Ms Adorable

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by Melody Acres Lowlines,
all rights reserved.

Melody Acres Herd

Melody Acres the first Lowline breeder to GeneStar test our Lowlines in order to be assured of breeding the finest quality meat producing animals. We will continue to be innovative - always looking for ways to better the breed and make the final product as enjoyable as the cattle themselves!

Melody Acres

...stays on the cutting edge of technology to "meat" our customers' demands for breeding stock capable of producing the highest quality natural grassfed gourmet beef, our goal!

Melody Acres

...has been under a SUSTAINABLE Agricultural Program for the last four years. We use all natural products such as Fish Fertilizers, Compost Tea, Sea Solids and Microbials on the pastures and natural mineral mixtures for the animals; no commercial ferilizers, herbicides etc are used. There has been a noticeable improvement in the health of the cattle and a marked difference in the production of the land - especially through really wet and dry periods.

Using Lowline steers, we are committed to producing the healthiest and most nutritious grass-fed beef as well as a truly delightful eating experience for our customers. For more information about this Agricultural program, visit TOFGA - Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association and HRM Holistic Resource Management. Melody Acres is an active member in these organizations and we put on seminars to teach our friends and neighbours.

Healthy Soils = Healthy Grass = Healthy Animals & People


Another First for Melody Acres

The first purebred heifer in the US has been registered -MA Primera Pedigree -

Fullblood Lowlines are DNA tested to authenticate parentage and originally come from Trangie research station in Australia. They have their own fullblood registry. The registration number reflects this as FM or FF.

Purebred Lowlines are animals bred using a fullblood Lowline to cross with any other breed to produce 1/2 bloods, 3/4 bloods to purebreds. They have their own purebred registry and cannot enter the fullblood registry. The registration number reflects this as XF, XM, PF, PM

Eric The Red
MA Cardinal


To all the wonderful people who have bought Melody Acres animals and services this year and in the past. We look forward to an exciting future for us all.

Our Bulls
(please click bull's name to see pedigree.)

ALM Lonestar
  GeneStar rating: ** Tenderness,* Marbling 

A Quartermaster son and the kind of bull that will "put the meat on". $30.00 per straw.

LB Dusty
Birth Weight=54 lbs

  GeneStar Rating: ** Tenderness, * Marbling 

A correct, long, very meaty bull, the son of Bosun's Mate. This bull was raised and developed on grass alone. PT (private treaty) per straw

MA Brenton's Machismo
(Semen Only)
Birth Weight=52 lbs

GeneStar Rating: ** Tenderness 

Son of Beaumont Matilda S006. Machismo puts beautiful conformation and a little more refinement on his calves.

Bosun's Magician
Birth Weight=44 lbs

MA Black Diamond
Birth Weight=44 lbs

Mr. Dundee

MR. DUNDEE is masculine, long, thick, wide, and heavily muscled, exemplifying all the qualities necessary in a good sire, including an IMF rating of 5.96 (choice) and actual REA of 7.20 (yes! that's more than seven inches of ribeye!) as a yearling.

~ Breeders' certificates ~
$100.00 fullbloods, $50.00 purebreds, $25.00  halfblood

About Gene Star Ratings

DNA testing done from a few tail hairs can now determine the quality of an animal's meat. Two stars  **  is the top rating for tenderness. One star *  is the preferred rating for the amount of marbling most desired by American consumers. We are pleased to report that both our bulls tested  **   for tenderness and  *   for marbling. Our goal is to breed from and continue building our herd with only those animals which test positive for the preferred ratings.

Lowlines - An excellent choice for small or large
acreages where profit is a necessity.

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