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Rosie Gal
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Calf In Clover
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What Is A Lowline?

Australian lowline catttle, sometimes referred to as miniature, are actually small frame Aberdeen Angus the product of a 30 year efficiency research project conducted at the New South Wales State Department of Agriculture's Research Center at Trangie, NSW, Australia.

 MA Virginia
MA Virginia

In all, approximately 12 bulls and 30 cows were acquired by Trangie from the finest Angus herds in Canada and Scotland, during the 45 year period from 1929 to 1964. The herd remained closed for the next 30 years, and it is from within this herd that the Lowlines were derived.

Mankato Maid
Mankato Maid ~ 4 Months

Lowlines were first brought into the United States in 1997 and are still very much a breeders market. Lowline cattle are very definitely a beef breed. They are known usually by their black color and now the Red Lowline, naturally polled, and at all stages of their growth they are 60% of the size of normal beef breeds, with docility being an important part of their breeding. Lowlines are the most exciting breed of beef cattle in the world today, and are generally referred to as one of the smallest breeds of beef cattle in the world.

Why Choose Lowlines?

  65 years of strict selection gave Lowline cattle

Very Efficient Feed Conversion

  Lowlines require 1/3 the feed of traditional breeds.
  Lowlines ultrasound CHOICE and CHOICE+ without hormones, on grass alone.
  2-3 head of Lowlines run on same pasture as 1 full-size  cow, giving more choice cuts, higher percentage of dressed weight, and more pounds of meat per acre than with standard size breeds.

Tremendous Carcass Traits

  Lowlines carry the marbling and tenderness genes.
  Lowlines have low backfat combined with very tender and tasty meat.
  Lowline meat sells as "gourmet beef" in restaurants around the world.

Delightful Breed Traits

  Lowlines are very docile and easy to handle.
  Lowlines are polled, structurally correct, and early maturing.
  Lowlines are a true small breed that do not carry a dwarf gene.
  Lowlines are DNA tested for correct parentage
  Birth wt. 30-45 lb; mature cow 500-700 lb; bull 800-1100 lb.

Lowlines - An excellent choice for small or large
acreages where profit is a necessity.

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