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Animals For Sale

A prime example of the basic breeding quality of our stock, 2005 calves
MA Bellman ( Belle X Sir Blackie) DOB 1-10-08
MA Jeep (Misty Maid X Bosuns Magician) DOB 12-24-07
Both 4 Months Of Age

The Quality Of Our Seedstock

Melody Acres offers quality stock for sale all year round, give us a call to see what stock we have available and we also offer semen and embryos. If you would like more information about our cattle for sale, please contact us through email, fax or phone. To view our cattle, browse through our gallery of cows and bulls. All animals are pictured and pedigrees are available through the name links on the left of these pages.

Ranching is a full time job here at Melody Acres and we are committed to producing healthy, robust cattle with excellent pedigrees to help advance the Lowline breed and grassfed beef. We do not believe a sale is a one time thing, and we are always available to our clients for questions and consultations and discussions in the hope that together we can make a difference in the future of our breed.

Hercules 1 ~ $ PT
Red Hercules 1
Linked To Red Lowlines ~ More For Sale

Hercules 2 ~ $ PT
Lowlines - An excellent choice for small or large
acreages where profit is a necessity.

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