This list contains many items I feel should be a in a cattle persons medicine chest.

PROBIACIN "Stomach bugs" - to reintroduce stomach flora after stress or antibiotics or diarrhea

ELECTROLYTE POWDER - for dehydration from heat, diarrhea or stress

COLOSTRUM POWDER - Have this on hand. If you can milk a newly freshened cow, save at least 2 quarts and put in the freezer

CALF BOTTLE - also keep a small lamb nipple in case of a "premi" calf I like a glass bottle that holds a quart and

BOTTLE BRUSH to clean bottles and calf stomach tube, Clorox

SURGICAL BLADES, 10% Iodine solution, Betadine scrub, Rubbing Alcohol, Lubricant - to clean and flush abscesses

STOMACH TUBE OR ORAL CALF FEEDER - to save a weak calf

THERMOMETER - digital type from the pharmacy is fine

PAPER TOWELS- you'll always need these!

SUPER MAGNESIUM GEL- for grass tetany in cloudy rainy springs

SYRINGES - 3CC, 6CC, 12CC, 200 Luerlocks

NEEDLES- 20gaX 1" , 18ga X 1", 18ga X 1 ", 16ga - I keep a box of each

SLAPSHOT -a device that allows the animal to jump all they want with no losing the needle or breaking it when giving an injection

PENICILLIN Combi-pen Subcutaneus ( under the skin) will last for 2 to three days with one shot for infections i.e. navel ill, joint ill check with vet on dosage- IN THE REFRIGERATOR

BAYTRIL - Subcutaneus ( under the skin) good for respiratory conditions

TETANUS ANTITOXIN- for banding steers and bad puncture wounds - IN THE REFRIGERATOR

If anyone is interested in learning how to use any of these items, Melody Acres can have a field day to teach some of the skills needed on the ranch