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2002 Reserve Champion at the Denver show
LB Ginger

GeneStar Rating
Quality grade QG1-1( star)
Tenderness T1-1, T2-2. T3-2 ~ ~ Feed efficiency Fe1-2 Fe2-2, Fe3-2,Fe4-2
She is a 14 STAR animal ( extremely good!!)

Ginger as an adult cow
LB Ginger(adult)

Watch this Knightcrawler daughter - she's producing some of the finest Lowlines we've seen!
SC Ruby 37J

A Kaptain Planet daughter with a Binnowee Ceasear dam
MA Estrella

Congratulations to Maggies's new owners
BR Maggie (SOLD)

She will produce SMALL, very nice calves, let's hope she doesn't pass on her foot fetish!!
MA Flora

You want a more commercial size Lowline? Sally can give you one!
BR Sally

Boris Daughter
BR Belle

One of the very few Binnowee Ceasar daughters in the USA
Binnowee Sally S034

Beaumont Matilda is a Rouseabout daughter, as a yearling scanned a 7.75 ribeye, 6.52 marbling and .34 backfat
Beaumont Matilda S006

A Commander Bligh daughter and Q133 who produces very correct square heavy calves guaranteed ** Tenderness * Marbling when crossed with a bull of the same
ALM Ginny 63J

Quambi Magician daughter
Mankato Sally

Misty Maid
Misty Maid

Lowlines - An excellent choice for small or large
acreages where profit is a necessity.

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