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Melody Acres was able to give back to the community in a big way recently. Instead of sending one of our 5 year old bulls to market, we were able to donate the meat to our local East Texas Food Bank. We personally test all the beef that goes out, it is not only very lean, but it is tender and juicy with terrific taste. In doing this, we were able to provide a wonderful product to many people who would otherwise not have such a high protein source available to them. We took the bull, had him slaughtered, and donated over 500 pounds of meat to the food bank.

In doing this, the cost of the slaughter as well as a price per pound for the meat become a donation on the accounts. we are truly honored to have been able to do this for our local community in this time of financial uncertainty. This gives Lowline breeders another avenue either sales of hamburger or donations to foodbanks.

Early in the year 2000 I saw the need for good grassfed beef animal . The seedstock Lowlines I had would not provide enough cull animals for the market I envisioned. I decided the best animals to provide this in Texas would have to be heat tolerant, parasite tolerant and fly tolerant with excellent tender marbled meat. I wanted a smaller more efficient animal with a gentle temperament as well. With this in mind I crossed a midsized Zebu ( heat, fly and parasite tolerant) with Jersey ( Heat tolerant, excellent beef, good temperament, mothering ability. ) I then crossed these back on Lowline (excellent beef, docility, calving, grassfed genetics). I now have a pasture perfect animal that I call Melody Acres Texas Meat Masters I am able to finish these off to a choice plus on grass alone and get a 68 to 72% cutout. I am able to put two steers on the same ground that would carry one regular size steer and I get double the steaks! The gentle cows have beautiful udders, and great mothering ability .every year Im more impressed with them; these animals are proving themselves over and over.

Beef Made Easy
Beef Made Easy

Beef Cuts
Beef Cuts

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Know Your Cattle

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