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Boathouse at Melody Acres
Melody Acres Boathouse
One of Patti's pasttimes, sculpting veggies
Veggie Sculpture
Another sculpture to pass the time away
Veggie Sculpture

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Melody Acres News

You want to know more about Lowlines and Sustainable Farming? Well on this page you will find news articles written by Patti Seeley and others with regards to the Melody Acres Lowline Ranch.

We are working on loading all the latest news items as well as up coming conference and agri-show attendance.


Monsanto’s Roundup Triggers Over 40 Plant Diseases & Endangers Human & Animal Health


Jeffrey M. Smith

Short In Stature...Long On Potential!

By Mike Barnett, Editor,
Farm Bureau Texas Agriculture Magazine
June 3, 2005

Little Beef Cows With A Great Big Future

By Patti Seeley
American Livestock Magazine
May/June 2001 Issue

Lowline Cattle Put A Song In My Heart

By Patti Seeley
HRM Newletter
Spring/Summer 2005 Issue

Small Cattle Brings Big Dividends
~ Melody Acres Raising Lowlines ~

By: Wayne Stewart
East Texas Farm & Ranch News
August 2005

A Basic Review

SLABA Spring Newsletter

Is the (GM) Cat out of the ( $) Bag

By Patti Seeley, BS Animal Science
Sandy Myers

The Medicine Chest

By Patti Seeley, BS Animal Science
Sandy Myers

Lowlines - An excellent choice for small or large
acreages where profit is a necessity.

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