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Red Fullblood Lowlines

Red Hercules 1 FM7185

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Bulls For Sale

   Hercules 1 ~ Red Fullblood Bull ~ Bess's Pride x Bluey ~ DOB 1-20-2008

   Hercules 2 ~ Red Fullblood Bull ~ Bess's Pride X Bluey ~ DOB 2-1-2008

   Hercules Red Rider ~ Black Fullblood Bull ~ Bess's Pride X Bluey ~ DOB 1-27-2008

   MA Cardinal ~ Bess's Pride X Bluey ~ DOB 4-8-08

   MA Midnight Rider ~ Red Carrier ~ Black Fullblood Bull ~ Ginger X Dusty ~ DOB 4-9-08

The Heifers

   Red Bess 1 ~ Red Fullblood Heifer ~ Bess's Pride X Bluey ~ DOB 1-17-2008

   Red Bess 2 ~ Red Fullblood heifer ~ Bess's Pride X LB Dusty ~ DOB 1-19-2008

Bluey ~ Lazy G Lowlines Yelm WA.
The first Red Lowline Angus in the US
LB Dusty
LB Dusty
Red Gene Sire

Red Gene Lowline Cattle

Our red gene lowlines are under a partnership between Melody Acres and Centenary Ranch Guillermo Marquez , Mission Texas 956-584-2165. Red and black are probably the two most common coat colors in cattle. They occur as an either/or in breeds such as Angus and Holstein. In other breeds, modifier genes change the shades of these colors to a much wider range of possibilities. Red is more popular in some countries and black in others but both are common throughout the world.

All animals, including people, carry two copies of each gene-one from the mother and one from the father. These genes are unique sequences of DNA, each of which codes for a unique protein. Changes in the DNA code (called mutations) changes the structure of the protein produced by the gene and as a result change the way the protein works. When an animal has two different copies of a gene they are said to be Heterozygous for the gene and if one copy is hidden by the other, the hidden copy is said to be Recessive. If both copies of a gene are the same then the animal is Homozygous.


The Genetic Influence

Before we go into the detail of how coat colour occurs it should be known that any red Lowline that have been born to date does not carry the red allele (e). Even though they are red in colour all the DNA testing has shown that they are homozygous for the wild-type allele (E+). According to recent correspondence with Professor Sheila Schmutz the American and Canadian Angus associations have both published that E+ exists in their Angus. The Australian Angus Society also is aware of the E+ allele within some member's herds. Included in the bottom of the page is a probability chart showing the possible outcomes of joining homozygous and heterozygous black animals. It needs to be noted that if the animal is heterozygous for the dominant black allele then this infers that the animal is also heterozygous for the wild-type allele (E+).

The gene causing red/black is the Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone Receptor Gene (MSHr), also called the Melanocortin Receptor 1 gene (MC1r). This gene has two common alleles ED and e. In addition, a less common allele, E+, also called "wild type" occurs. When ED is present in an animal, it is black. This is the dominant allele in the series. Cattle that are ee are red and this is the recessive genotype.

MA Cardinal ~ Bess X Bluey

Hercules 1

Hercules 2

Hercules 1

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